Prevention advisor III (PAIII) - training & exam


Prevention advisor III (PAIII) - training & exam

Prevention Advisor III training provides a strong foundation for anyone who wants to optimally fulfil the role of prevention advisor with an employer, client or within their own company.  

Ten modules packed with useful insights. The training is divided into 10 different modules. This ensures that the training is clearly structured, and the topics covered in each teaching moment are strongly related to each other so that connections can be easily made. 

Relevant and up-to-date content. Our experts always ensure that the content of the PAIII training is directly in line with the issues the brand new prevention advisor will encounter in reality. They share more than definitions and generic examples; our lecturers provide valuable insights relevant to your field.  

Find out below which days the training takes place, what the content looks like and some pointers to make the training and exam as easy as possible. 


Given the extensive class content, five different teaching moments are organised. 
Training starts each day at 8:00 and runs until 17:00.
The exam always takes place on the last day.

DAY 1 - 30/09/2024
DAY 2 - 07/10/2024
DAY 3 - 14/10/2024
DAY 4 - 21/10/2024
DAY 5 - 28/10/2024


Module 1 -  Basic regulations & structure, external and internal interveners 

In this module we go over the main internal and external actors: services, the FPS Employment/Labour/Social Dialogue, High Council of PBW, ...   

In addition, we review the essentials: the situation of prevention, the regulations in Belgium, and the other frameworks applicable to prevention such as the Codex, Standards, ARAB, etc.  

Module 2 - Overall prevention plan, annual action plan & risk analysis

In this module, we review two important administrative obligations within prevention: the global prevention plan and the annual action plan. 

In addition, we discuss a fundamental action that is frequently carried out by a prevention advisor at every level: a risk analysis. We look at the how, what and why. 

Module 3 - Fire prevention policy & fire risks

We look at what a fire prevention policy looks like, as well as the most pertinent fire risks a prevention advisor should pay attention to. 

Module 4 - Special categories of workers & first aid

In this module, we look at the special categories of workers: students, temporary workers, external workers, ...  

We address their exceptional placement within the prevention policy.

In addition, we give extensive attention to first aid; an important part of the harm reduction aspect of a prevention policy.  

Module 5 - Workplace accidents

Here we take a look at what motivates a prevention advisor: preventing workplace accidents, and creating a safer workplace. We look at statistics, and uncover relevant trends and patterns.  

In this part of the course, we address three issues: ergonomics, hygiene and psychosocial aspects - less visible factors that therefore do not necessarily have a lesser impact on a worker's well-being.  

Chemical and physical agents are part of the daily reality for any company. We discuss the main hazards, the prevailing regulations and the relevance of these aspects within different sectors. 

Module 8 - Role and assignments of internal interveners & the PA 

Who exactly is in charge of what, and where do responsibilities lie? The answer to this question is important for all those involved in prevention.  

Our experts explain in detail what the (internal) structure should look like and who has final responsibility. 

Electrical hazards, transport and working with third parties are factors in prevention that are no longer limited to a small number of sectors. 

We therefore review the most common hazards and possible solutions to form a comprehensive picture.

Many companies use machinery to complete their daily work. But how can we ensure that machines are used safely and that the machine itself meets the necessary standards? 

In addition, we look at a whole range of personal protective equipment that can enhance safety for machine users and protect bystanders.


All registrations are strictly personal and are therefore non-transferable.

Participation in the training course and the exam can therefore only take place by the person initially registered. Last-minute changes are therefore not possible, as registrations must be indicated by us in advance.

Always bring a (valid) identity card to the exam! 

To create a valid certificate upon passing the exam, we need some personal information. 

Among other things, your (legal) name, place and date of birth, ... are requested when making a booking so that you can start on the day of the exam without any worries and administration. So make sure that all requested information is entered correctly. In accordance with GDPR regulations, this data will only be used for the preparation of certificates, for more information on this click here.

This is absolutely possible - just make sure all details are provided
So don't just fill in the details of the person making the booking, but of everyone participating. 

This way, Prevom meets all the requirements to provide you with a valid certificate when you pass your exam!  

Cancellation policy 

In case of no-show or cancellation by the client, the registration fee/invoice remains due.  

If you do not take part in the exam or training course, you cannot obtain a certificate/attestation. To obtain a certificate/attestation, you must of course pass the exam/internal test.  

We naturally try to ensure that no exam or training session ever has to be cancelled.

Should this nonetheless happen for exceptional reasons or extreme circumstances, you will be notified by telephone and email.

In this case, the registration fee will be refunded in full, without any additional compensation on top of the initial amount you paid when booking.


Date & Time
Monday, September 30, 2024
Start - 8:00 AM (Europe/Brussels)
Monday, October 28, 2024
End - 5:00 PM (Europe/Brussels)

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