SCC Basic NL (VCA Basis) - training & exam


SCC Basic NL (VCA Basis) - training & exam

The ideal basic training for any sector. SCC basic training consists of the most important basic insights within prevention. 

Get an SCC basic certificate in one day. This basic training course is designed to teach the student as many important basic concepts as possible in one day. This proves to both employers and clients that the course participant has a strong foundation in prevention.

Prevom is an official SCC-registered examination centre. You will therefore receive an official certificate after passing the exam, which will also be registered in the central diploma register. This way, an employer/client can easily confirm that you hold a valid certificate.

Lunch is always included in the price: on the day of the training/exam, you can indicate your preference so that you can enjoy your favourite sandwich and a selection of drinks in the afternoon.

Read through the key questions below so that you come to the exam centre prepared!

Are registrations personal? 

All registrations are strictly personal and are therefore non-transferable.

Participation in the training course and the exam can therefore only take place by the person initially registered. Last-minute changes are therefore not possible, as registrations must be indicated by us in advance.

Always bring a (valid) identity card to the exam! 

To create a valid certificate upon passing the exam, we need some personal information.

Among other things, your (legal) name, place and date of birth, ... are requested when making a booking so that you can start on the day of the exam without any worries and administration. So make sure that all requested information is entered correctly. In accordance with GDPR regulations, this data will only be used for the preparation of certificates, for more information on this click here.

This is absolutely possible - just make sure all details are provided. So don't just fill in the details of the person making the booking, but of everyone participating

This way, Prevom meets all the requirements to provide you with a valid certificate when you pass your exam!

In case of no-show or cancellation by the client, the registration fee/invoice remains due. 

If you do not take part in the exam or training course, you cannot obtain a certificate/attestation. To obtain a certificate/attestation, you must of course pass the exam/internal test. 

We naturally try to ensure that no exam or training session ever has to be cancelled. 

 Should this nonetheless happen for exceptional reasons or extreme circumstances, you will be notified by telephone and email.

In this case, the registration fee will be refunded in full, without any additional compensation on top of the initial amount you paid when booking.


Date & Time
Monday, September 9, 2024
8:00 AM 4:00 PM (Europe/Brussels)

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