VCA Basic

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The ideal basic training for any sector, with a strong focus on the most fundamental insights into prevention and safety.



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SCC training especially for employees in management positions. Strong additional training.


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Safety training for employees who regularly have to carry out work on (or around) electrical installations.



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Advanced safety training for employees responsible for the management, maintenance and inspection of electrical installations.


First aid

2-day course

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Basic training spread over two days in which we go over the most important basic concepts and practical first aid skills.

First aid


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Refresher training of 4 hours to ensure your first aid skills remain strong. 

Construction safety

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Basic safety training for workers active in the construction industry. Training in line with the new collective labour agreement.

PA 3

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Fundamental training in prevention. The ideal starting point for your training in safety and prevention.  

PA 2

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Continuing training as a level 2 prevention advisor consisting of multidisciplinary modules and a specialisation module.

About us

Through this online platform, you can book a training course or exam directly with Prevom!

For some exams, we organise combination days where the training and the exam take place on the same day.

how do i book?

Step 1: choose an exam or course

From our different exam and training dates, choose the offer that suits you best. Check carefully which date you have selected.

Step 2: select how many participants you want to register

Are you taking the exam alone, or are you registering several people? If you want, you can register several participants at the same time.

Step 3: go to the shopping basket

Once you have entered the desired number of bookings, you can go to the shopping basket to continue.

Enter the correct billing details of the person (or company) paying for the training/exam.

Step 4: fill in the details of the participant(s)

To participate and get a valid certificate, you need to fill in the necessary personal details, including place and date of birth, among others.

Make sure you fill in the details of all participants if you are booking for several people.

Step 5: checkout

Pay for the number of tickets you have selected using one of our supported payment methods.

Step 6: You will receive confirmation

Once payment is complete, you will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail for your registration(s). Print it out or save it carefully on your smartphone so that you can show it on arrival.