VCA VOL - training and exam (english)


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VCA VOL - training and exam (english)

Leaders play an important role in shaping a company's safety policy.
Thanks to our VCA VOL training, their positive impact will become even greater.

Gain many useful safety-related insights and receive an official certificate in only two days. Our VCA training for employees in a leadership position has a stronger focus on theory. This means that every participant walks away from this training with a strong understanding of the necessary structures and (legislative) frameworks regarding workplace safety.

Leaders are the linking pin between policy on paper and real life. 

Prevom is officially registered as a VCA exam center. This means that you will receive an authentic certificate (which is centrally registered in the diploma registry) from VCA.
Current (or future) employers or business partners will be able to quickly and easily verify your status as a registered VCA VOL holder.

Lunch is always included: each morning during the training or exam, you will be asked for your preference. Enjoy your favorite sandwich after hours filled with valuable insights and learning.

Make sure to go over the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) below for important information about the training!

Zijn inschrijvingen persoonlijk?

All registrations are strictly personal and, as such, are non-transferable.

Participation in the training and the exam is limited to the person who was initially registered. Last-minute swaps (even within the same company) are not possible as Prevom has to pre-declare all training participants to the certifying instance.

Make sure to bring a (valid) identity document (like your ID) to the exam!

Which information do I need to provide?

To be able to create a correct certificate when you pass the exam, we need some basic personal information.

This includes your (legal) name, your place and date of birth, ... - these will already be asked while you are booking your training and exam so we can get started on the day of the exam without any worries or bothersome administrative issues.

Make sure to fill in all of your information correctly while booking and bring a valid identity document on the day of the exam.

Is it possible to create a booking for several people at once?

Dit kan absoluut - let er wel op dat alle gegevens worden doorgegeven.

Of course - just make sure all information is submitted correctly.

Make sure to fill in the information of all of the participants.

This is the only way for Prevom to authorize the registered participants to take part in the training and exam.

What happens if the registered participant doesn't show up?

If you do not show up (no-show) the registration fee still needs to be paid.

If you do not take part in the exam, we are also unable to provide you with a certificate, as passing the test is a strict requirement for acquiring a certificate.

Make sure to make note of the training and exam in your calendar. If you provide us with an e-mail address, we will send you a reminder.

What happens if the training or exam gets cancelled?

We do our absolute best to avoid having to cancel an exam or a training.

If this were to occur (e.g. due to external forces outside of our control) you will be notified by phone and through e-mail.

The registration fee will be completely refunded. There will be no additional compensation beyond the refund of the registration fee you (may) have paid initially.


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